Notebook maintenance is not a problem


This is the first book on the market in the market. Compared to other books that explain a single circuit, there is a unique advantage.


Description-English-Chinese version 1

This is the first book on the market in the market. Compared to other books that explain a single circuit, there is a unique advantage.

This book is based on Xunwei’s laptop maintenance textbook. It is the teaching essence of Xunwei for many years. The book is reasonable, clear level, starting from the maintenance basics, focusing on the workflow of the laptop motherboard and the working principle of the chip, with a large number of circuit screenshots, graphic instructions, can make the reader very convenient to learn the circuit timing, learn to Analysis, thus raising a non-three, integrating the penetration, achieving the purpose of teaching with fishing.

This book is 22 chapters: 1st ~ 2 is very basic content, no translation. Chapter 3-7 introduced the architectural characteristics of major chipsets, common term interpretation in circuit timing analysis, and the basic circuits commonly used in maintenance; Chapter 10 ~ 19 introduces Quanta, Wistron, Compal, Inventec (HP), ASUS, Dell, Apple, ThinkPad’s motherboard working timing and circuit, detailing Intel chipset, nvidia chipset, AMD chip The timing characteristics of the group; Chapter 20 mainly introduces the principle of charging of laptops; Chapter 21 gives 12 common fault maintenance; Chapter 22 is equipped with 31 classic graphic maintenance examples.

Description-English version 2

There are 20 chapters in this book: Chapters 1 to 7 introduce the current situation of the notebook computer maintenance market, the model identification of the notebook computer motherboard, the architecture characteristics of the chipset, the explanation of common terms in circuit timing analysis, the basic circuit knowledge commonly used in maintenance, etc; In Chapter 8 and 9, the work flow and power supply circuit principle of notebook computer are introduced in detail; [1] Chapter 10 introduces the standard timing of Intel 8 series, Intel 9 series to Intel 300 series chipsets; In Chapter 11 ~ 17, taking the mainboard working sequence and circuit of Guangda bdbe, apple a1466, apple a1418 all-in-one machine, apple a1706, Guangda bd9, Dell n4110 and Lenovo g485 as examples, the sequence characteristics of Intel Chipset and AMD chipset are described in detail; Chapter 18 mainly introduces the separation and synthesis of BIOS; Chapter 19 gives the maintenance ideas of 12 common faults; Chapter 20 is equipped with 27 classic graphic Maintenance Examples

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