Worlds largest maintenance database website. We made a maintenance software for Laptop and smartphone in English version,It including circuit diagram、schematic、Boardview and Maintenance Cases for the following products.Smartphones include all iPhone, Huawei、Vivo、Oppo、XiaoMi、Samsung…. ,laptop includes APPLE、Lenovo、Dell、Hp,Samsung…. VIP(all functions)only need less than 0.1 dollar per day.Free trial for 1 hour.

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A maintenance knowledge base can quickly help you become a master of laptop and Smart phone maintenance, even if you have just started.

Do you often need to look for various schematic diagram in maintenance?

Do you often need to refer to maintenance cases?

Xinzhizao has more than 30000 common maintenance schematic diagram, Boardview and maintenance cases for your reference.

Often can’t find a way everywhere for a simple problem?

Encounter a new laptop or mobile phone failure but have no way to start?

Spent a lot of time and energy, but the schematic diagram downloaded from various websites are wrong?

How many dollars does it cost to download a schematic diagram 5USD or 10USD?

Do you have to store the schematic diagram in your computer? No, for us, it’s enough as long as it can view!

Xinzhizao software only needs a user name and password to log in, does not bind to the computer, does not limit IP, logs in on your computer anytime, anywhere, and can enjoy the query and sharing of tens of thousands of maintenance schematic diagram. The most important thing is! Xinzhizao also provides daily updates!

Xinzhizao maintenance database include: laptop, mobile phone, PC motherboard, server, display card, LCD TV, common IC, etc. at present, Xinzhizao is the most complete maintenance software in the maintenance industry category and quantity.

Xinzhizao software produced by the world-famous website in 2018.  In recent years, we have accumulated one million maintenance customers. It is one of the best-selling maintenance software in China.

Now we have launched the English version for overseas users. Over the past year, we have accumulated more than 100000 users and have been recognized by everyone.

Xinzhizao software produced by Founded in 2006, It is the world’s largest maintenance forum. In addition to more than one million Chinese members, there are more than 300000 overseas users. Over the past decade, we have provided more than 1 billion browsing services and more than 100 million data downloading services to users all over the world. Today, we continue to provide services, but due to the impact of network interoperability, we decided to establish to provide better services for users all over the world.

Xinzhizao software provides free trial service. You can complete registration through email and try various functions for free within 3 days. If you approve our software, you can use it by purchasing “VIP” service, but! Even if you don’t buy VIP, xinzhizao also provides a large number of free drawings and materials, as well as free maintenance tutorials. You only need to log in and view them for free.

All VIP functions of xinzhizao software only cost about $0.2 a day! $43.9 a year. We know clearly that all kinds of downloads require points or recharge, and usually the price of downloading a schematic diagram is more than $3, while xinzhizao only needs you to pay $0.20 a day. You can view and use tens of thousands of schematic diagram and our original Boardview at any time. Note: these original Boardview are made by ourselves through the laptop motherboard and mobile phone motherboard, It is not available on other websites or software.

Also, if you buy a 3-account Version (US $69 / year), which is usually suitable for laptop repair shop or smartphone repair shop with 3-5 people, each account only costs about 3 cents a day. The price is cheap enough. I don’t think anyone can resist it!

Xinzhizao provides a lot of maintenance cases and some common fault maintenance methods. Even if you just start maintenance and are not so skilled, you can use it to repair customers’ Smartphone or laptop.

You only need to repair 1-2 laptop or Smartphone, and you will earn back the cost of using xinzhizao.

Maybe you will think, that I have purchased other maintenance software. I don’t want to buy xinzhizao anymore. No, you must know two points. First, no maintenance software can include all smartphone and laptop models. Because the smartphones and laptops sold and used in various countries in the world are different. Including our xinzhizao, although we update it every day, we can’t do all models. Second, xinzhizao is the most complete maintenance software in the maintenance category at present, including smartphones, laptops, mainboards, graphics cards and servers. If you are a smartphone maintenance shop, repair iPhones every day, if one day customers bring a Macbook to you for maintenance, don’t say, sorry, I won’t repair. We hope xinzhizao can help you.

How to order?

You just need to click “buy now” and complete the payment according to the prompt on the order page. We will send the software download address and VIP exchange code to your station letter and the designated email at the same time. If you have any problems in use, we provide technical support personnel to help you.

If you encounter problems during use, please download the new XinZhiZao operation manual:XinZhiZao operation manual

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WhatsApp (+86 18823306625)



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