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Lenovo CIH81M does not trigger


Lenovo CIH81M does not trigger. The customer brought a Lenovo brand machine and said it was not turned on. Get the hand power, do not trigger, measure the power supply, USB to the ground. Seeing that the motherboard BIOS has…

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In order to celebrate the establishment of Xunwei Southeast Asia Maintenance Center, Xunwei Technology hereby launches the limited-time activity of Xinzhi Manufacturing Overseas Edition! We have brought a series of preferential activities to our foreign friends to show our enthusiasm for them.

Colorful 3060 12G is not energized (the resistance of 5V power supply opening circuit is invalid)

七彩虹3060 12G不通电 图2
Colorful 3060 12G is not powered on, and the motherboard is directly removed after the street graphics card. First, the major power supply inductors of the graphics card are measured without obvious short circuit. During the measurement, it is found that Q505B has been turned on to pull down the B pole of Q505A, and Q505A has been turned off, but no 2.5V power supply is detected at the upper end of R600 resistor .. The specific maintenance process is as follows: