iPhone repairing solution


iPhone repairing solution

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First, the basic knowledge of mobile phones and component identification measurement.
1.1 viewing method of apple sales area and model
1.2 common terms of mobile phones
1.3 introduction of apple mobile phone chip
1.4 Apple mobile phone motherboard function labeling
Second, the iPhone mobile phone working principle and maintenance
2.1 architecture
2.2 iPhone mobile phone boot principle
2.3 iPhone failure judgment
2.4 iPhone Connect the power supply large current(large current) maintenance
2.5 iPhone no power on(no response according to Switch) maintenance
2.6 maintenance of large current when iphone is started
2.7 maintenance ideas of Low current/stop at Fixed current when iphone is turned on
2.8 maintenance ideas of stop at Fixed current current change when starting iphone mobile phone
2.9 iPhone Hang Logo(white apple)/ Restart Maintenance Ideas
2.10 iPhone display circuit maintenance
2.11 Touch failure maintenance of iphone
2.12 iPhone WiFi cannot be opened for maintenance
2.13 iPhone camera can’t be opened/there is no photo repair
2.14 iPhone flash maintenance ideas
2.15 maintenance of iphone without charging
2.16 iPhone mobile phone off-line maintenance
2.17 iPhone voice phone without earpiece and no microphone maintenance
2.18 iPhone hands-free phone is silent, put out silently, and has no ringtone maintenance
2.19 iPhone no Baseband Version maintenance method
2.20 iPhone does not recognize SIM card maintenance method
2.21 iPhone without IMEI maintenance method
2.22 iPhone no serviecs maintenance
2.23 iPhone without fingerprint maintenance method
2.24 iPhone vibration-free maintenance method
2.25 iPhone maintenance method without compass
2.26 iPhone call screen maintenance
2.27 iPhone display automatic brightness level failure maintenance
2.28 troubleshooting of iphonex Face ID

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