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Soldering hand skill

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1、 Maintenance tools, auxiliary materials and testing instruments of mobile phones Assembly and disassembly tools Main board components and chip welding tool Chip REBALLING tools: (REBALLING board, glue removal tool, prying knife, scraper, brush, etc.) Special maintenance instrument multimeter Test stand Introduction of maintenance auxiliary materials

2、 Repair of water damage corrode plastic seat Clean up the sundries Clean up water damage corrode Confirm that the pin bit is loose Clean the loose pin bit Cleaning debris add solder heating

3、 Plastic seat welding Cleaning foam Repeat welding paste BTB connector disassembly Processing solder joints PAD add solder Remove spare BTB connector

4、 Glueless chip welding The method of removing chips with tweezers Chip disassembly PAD processing Chip processing REBALLING method Mainboard cleaning Chip welding

5、Jump wire patch pin bit recognition with complementary points pin bit identification of main board Scraping out the connected wiring Connected wiring add solder poor line repairing Copper wire coil Apply Solder Mask Scraping Solder Mask Solder joint add solder

6、 Small component welding Removal of damaged components PAD add solder Element welding Cleaning the motherboard

7、 Small components short-circuit Jump wire Remove the soft glue of package element Compare drawings to find out the need for short-circuit components

8、 Large chip with glue welding Characteristics of chip with glue Scraping glue Chip disassembly Drag Solder(138℃) remove the glue Drag PAD Processing chip Cleaning chip REBALLING Cleaning the motherboard Chip alignment Chip welding welding, a small chip with glue Chip prying position Pry chip Processing solder joints Treat residual glue of mainboard Treat chip residual glue Scraping glue REBALLING Cleaning the motherboard Drag PAD Apply solder paste Chip alignment Chip welding X. CPU welding Remove shielding cover Cleaning silicone grease Scraping glue Find the cutting position Chip disassembly Drag Solder(138℃) remove the glue Drag PAD Chip scraping glue Drag chip Cleaning residue aftertreatment REBALLING Cleaning the motherboard Solder paste Chip alignment Chip welding

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