Android phone repairing solution


Android phone repairing solution

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Chapter 1 Android mobile phone Foundation
Boot failure
Chapter 2 maintenance of Connect the power supply,Short circuit and Connect the power supply Current
Chapter 3 no power on maintenance
Chapter 4 start Short circuit, start Current protection maintenance
Chapter 5 start Low current maintenance
Display fault
Chapter 6 maintenance without display after startup
Functional failure
Chapter 7 touch failure maintenance
Chapter 8 WiFi troubleshooting
Chapter 9 camera troubleshooting
Chapter 10 maintenance without charging Icon
Chapter 11 prompt abnormal charging maintenance
Chapter 12 maintenance without charging
Network signal failure
Chapter 13 maintenance of denial of SIM card
Chapter 14 maintenance of dialing failure
Chapter 15 No 4G / 5G network maintenance
Sound failure
Chapter 16 troubleshooting of microphone
Chapter 17 earpiece troubleshooting
Chapter 18 troubleshooting of loudspeakers
Annex information
Chapter 19 Huawei glory 9x maintenance test point
Chapter 20 Huawei P30 maintenance test point
Chapter 21 oppo R15 maintenance test point
Chapter 22 explanation of Android eMMC/UFS test stand
Chapter 23 EMMC eMMC/UFS backup and write operation method
Chapter 24 UFS eMMC/UFS backup and write operation method

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