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HP TPN-C133notebookNon-startup maintenance

惠普TPN-C133笔记本不开机维修 图5

HP TPN-C133notebookNon-startup maintenance “Machine model” HP TPN-C133 【 Fault phenomenon 】 There is standby current, which does not trigger. [Maintenance process] After receiving a machine that is not triggered by HP Light and Shadow Wizard TPN-C133, first remove the motherboard…

A2141 fan can be turned on or off without display (resistance corrosion near GPU power chip)

applenotebookA2141, the fault is that the fan can be turned on or off and not displayed. When the motherboard was removed and powered on, it was found that the current was set at more than 200 mA, and the fan was always turning. The voltage of each inductor of the motherboard was measured, and it was found that the GPU power supply did not come out. How to repair it next, and then read the following!

Huawei notebook does not boot (3V short circuit)

Huawei notebook, the fault is not turned on. The power-on trigger current is only a few tens of milliamps. When the main board is removed to test the major inductors, an inductor with a resistance of 0001 is obviously found. After reading the arrangement of the inductors, it is basically determined to be a 3V inductor. Because this model is relatively new ... I want to know how to maintain it next. Please see below!