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Thinkbook 14g2tl maintenance without charging


Thinkbook 14g2tl maintenance without charging. ThinkBook 14 G2 ITL can’t be charged with electricity. The original composite pipe was K03S, and a HP8S36 was replaced. The charging light connected to the power supply was already on, and everything was normal…

Lenovo Y470 Boot Dark Screen repair


Lenovo Y470 Boot Dark Screen repair Open Xinzhizhao software and find the Y470 point bitmap. First, find that the main power supply pins on the upper screen of the motherboard are 1 and 2 pins +LEDVDD, and the multimeter found…

Dell’s DELL VOSTRO 14-5468 notebook is not turned on for repair

The charging indicator is not on. Focus on detecting isolation circuit and charging circuit. Measured along the circuit towards the power interface, it is found that one side of MOS transistor PQ741 has a voltage of 19V and the other side has only 5V. After replacing PQ741, the voltage at the common point is normal, and the voltages of 3V and 5V also come out. The machine was successfully repaired.

Asus A541U notebook can’t be turned on for maintenance after it is flooded.

When the motherboard was removed, it was found that many parts of the motherboard under the corresponding keyboard had been corroded by water, which was more serious. There are two new situations, one is that the adapter of the regulated power supply head is not suitable, and the other is that the power-on key of this machine is integrated on the keyboard and cannot be removed, so temporary leads have to be welded on the motherboard.