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Shenzhou nh-50hp does not boot (CPU power supply chip is damaged)

神舟nh-50hp不开机(CPU供电芯片损坏) 图2
The nh-50hp of Shenzhou, the customer said that it would not be turned on after installing a sound card. The test found that it would not be powered off without installing a cpu fan, and it was detected that there was something wrong with the temperature control circuit of the cpu circuit. The ntc resistor above was normal, but the resistor below was missing, which made it impossible to divide the voltage in series. The specific maintenance process was as follows:

HP TPN-C133notebookNon-startup maintenance

惠普TPN-C133笔记本不开机维修 图6

HP TPN-C133notebookNon-startup maintenance “Machine model” HP TPN-C133 【 Fault phenomenon 】 There is standby current, which does not trigger. [Maintenance process] After receiving a machine that is not triggered by HP Light and Shadow Wizard TPN-C133, first remove the motherboard…