Asus player country mobster 4 G512L

Asus player country mobster 4 G512L

“Machine model” ASUS player country monster 4 G512L

【 Fault Phenomenon 】 A memory card slot cannot be used.

[Maintenance process]

The customer sent an ASUS Mob 4 machine, saying that it couldn’t add memory chips. As soon as I changed the memory stick, it crashed and didn’t boot, and it was the same with two new memories, so I quickly sent it over for us to have a look.

Asus player country mobster 4 G512L

Asus player country mobster 4 G512L Figure 1

After the machine was brought over, the master looked at the card slot. Well, it was quite clean. After looking at it, the customer should have cleaned it himself, but just in case, we took out a toothbrush and an eraser to wipe the memory stick again and then installed it. We found that, as the customer said, the card slot on the right crashed and did not boot. According to the current, it was a memory file, but the memory on the left could boot. It is the same to change the memory on the left to the right. It has nothing to do with the memory stick.

At this time, the master was sharp-eyed and saw that there seemed to be a few drops of golden liquid near the CPU, only to remember that this magic bully 4 seemed to use liquid gold to dissipate heat … it wouldn’t be so unlucky, would it? The master quickly took down the copper cooling tube and found that the liquid gold on the CPU had exploded and scattered radially on the motherboard. Although it was pressed by the radiator, some of it still flowed under the CPU. It seems that the CPU is going to dry. After communicating with the customer, the customer also agreed to do U. There is nothing to say next. Go directly to BGA, take off the CPU, re-solder it, and power it up directly after the CPU is rated and there is no short circuit. Normal boot, you can also read 2 memory. It seems that the problem has been solved.

PS; Because the customer was in a hurry, I didn’t have time to take pictures, so I had to cut a few bit maps and put them on. Please forgive me.

Asus player country mobster 4 G512L6

Asus player country mobster 4 G512L Figure 2

[Maintenance result] After the machine is installed, the functions of testing sound, network, recording and playing video are all normal, the frame rate of double baking for half an hour is stable, the fault is perfectly repaired, and the maintenance is over.