Redmi 10X is not turned on

Redmi 10X is not turned on.

“Machine model” Redmi 10X

[Fault phenomenon] No boot

[Maintenance process]

I received a Redmi 10X machine that my colleague sent for repair. My colleague said that it might be a virtual soldering of CPU. He could turn on the CPU before, and then he redone the CPU power supply chip. As a result, it didn’t turn on, so he sent it to our side for repair.

Peer-made power supply Figure 1

After receiving the machine, we can see that the machine has been dismantled and scattered into pieces. We directly find the motherboard, and first focus on measuring whether there is a short circuit around the redone chip. There is no need to rush to power on. After the measurement, no short circuit of power supply is found. When the power is turned on, it is found that the current keeps jumping, jumping back and forth about 0-20ma. This is obviously a short circuit.

When observing the CPU, I found that there was no trace of tin explosion. I still suspected that the moved chip was not installed. I took off the power supply chip, and sure enough, there were several places connected with tin. After replanting tin, I put it back, and the power-on current was set at 200ma. This current may be a problem with the CPU or font. Considering that the peers described before that the CPU can be turned on, let’s just do it as a CPU.

Redmi 10X is not turned on

Redo CPU font fault current is still Figure 2

When I finished CPU, I found that the current was still there, so I had to dismantle the font library. I dismantled the font and found that the current was set at 70ma. Even the computer found that the MTK port was out, so the CPU was basically good. I found a test stand to read the font and found that the reading and writing data of the font were normal, so I put it back directly to see if it was virtual welding. As a result, I found that the current was still set at 200ma when I put it back in the font.

The problem is obvious. The problem of temporary storage, because Redmi 10X uses Tianji 800 CPU, the font and temporary storage are integrated together, and the CPU is integrated separately, then temporary storage also belongs to one of the irreplaceable packages. If it is broken, it can’t be repaired, so the maintenance can only stop here.

Single CPU current is set at 70, and it can enter the port. Figure 3.

Redmi 10X is not turned on

Single-installed CPU current is set at 70, and it can enter the port Figure 4.

Pack it and return it to the customer. There will be no back cover when it comes.

[Repair result] Due to the temporary damage of one of the kits, it can’t be repaired, so we can only choose to change the motherboard or kit. The maintenance is over and the machine is returned to the customer.

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